Kishuu charcoal For cooking rice (300g)


Kishuu charcoal   For cooking rice (300g)
Kishuu charcoal   For cooking rice (300g)
※Since it is natural quotient material, thickness differs from length. Moreover, since I am also making a sale as business use and it differs by usage, such as size of a visitor's hope, please do not hesitate to consult.

Directions for use for the Kishuu charcoal cooking rice :

the Kishuu charcoal is well washed with a brush (cautions -- please do not use detergent by any means)
After sterilizing by boiling about 15 minutes, it raises and awakes in a colander etc.
Please use it for water or cooking rice after making it dry.
*Please put in and place the charcoal for cooking rice into kiln until all boiled rice is lost.

About the heat resistance and processing by the Kishuu charcoal object for cooking rice

About the heat-resistant test and processing for cooking rice
Three processes are ground so that the powder of charcoal may not adhere to boiled rice, and heat-resistant intensity is tested so that it may not be divided by heating at the time of cooking rice.
I sell only the strong Kishuu charcoal which is equal to heating as an object for cooking rice.
As a part which charcoal lacks well, since the angle of a tip portion is the weakest, after processing, roundness is attached at a tip like a photograph and intensity is raised.
There are also no worries about it being missing by this processing at the time of washing, or cutting a hand with charcoal etc.